Browncoats Unite!

Browncoats Unite!

Friday, January 4, 2013

You will not find the American People easy prey!

'Nuff said.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A short essay on the state of the union as of May 16th, 2012 A.D.

I don't usually post anti-government propaganda or rants, but I thought that some of my readers might appreciate my insight into this subject. Some of these concepts will be very familiar to some of you but others may find the same concepts unbelievable. Please do your research before flaming me. You will find most all of these concepts well-documented by many  historians of widely varying political and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Let me forewarn you, I am a Writing major with a History minor and thus this post may be long and circumlocutory. I am also a Conservative Libertarian with very traditional values, esp. in regards to economic wastrels. Bear in mind that I'm writing from that point of view, not very typical of most modern academics. I will not swear or throw things, but my arguments will no doubt be offensive to pantywaist liberal sockcuckers who stumble across this blog. (Made you look:D)

All right, here goes. 

Modern American / Westernized Govt. is best described as a "ministry of fear" or "ministry of intimidation." They like to divide us into classes and then corral us into being hateful of each other and being afraid of them so that we feed their failing system for as long as possible.

The only difference between Combloc/Socialist and Representative republics nowadays, is the ways in which Government "manages" the populace.

Here and in other Western lands, they are sneaky about it. If you don't fit in, you are labeled an "extremist" and the MSM smears you till everybody believes you were some sort of evil fiend and must be eliminated at all costs. But most of the time they are even sneakier than that. They tell the world that you and people like you are not only threats to the common welfare, but threats to your own safety and that of your family. 

They come and take your kids away to be raised by liberals and they force-feed you medications to control your behavior and your "thought crimes." (This was a common technique that the Soviets and other totalitarian regimes used against their "undesirable"citizens who attempted to warn their fellow compatriots against trusting too much to Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and others. The use of mind control drugs and "dumbing down" political watchdogs and intellectuals is the first step to preparing a country for a dictatorship. You see, it comes in small steps at first, so that most people don't understand what's going on, or are afraid to do anything about it.

In some ways, our system has been sneakier up till now. In Western society, we have been slowly conditioned to believe that bigger government is more capable and more likely to be able to protect us and provide for us. It has happened even more slowly and irresistibly than that of the Soviets. Let me explain.

In pre-Lenin Russia, people were already used to relying on their local government for sustenance. And before that, they had strong Czars, a tradition they'd known since the founding of the Russian empire way back in the 1200s. They didn't have the tradition of the Republic that we have here in the States. The didn't have a common thread of self sufficiency and self-governance. They were sheep, and only recently have become half the sheep they were.

Here, our downfall has been much slower; partially because of our strong Founding principles and partially due to the influx of "isms" which gradually infected our nation's core ideological thinkers. These thinkers, having grasped at socialism as a "viable" way of life, decided they needed to infiltrate the nation slowly, first by infecting the educational system, then by infecting the media, and finally by taking over the government one small step at a time. Laws were passed under the radar by having  been tacked onto larger bills, most of which were completely unrelated to the larger portion of the documents. These are called "earmarks" and are a very sneaky, ill-advised and devious way for deviant lawmakers to pass deviant laws.

Once the laws had been passed, it was too late to turn around. By this point in history (60s/70s), America had degenerated into a solidly two-party political machine, with each successive duo of Presidential candidates being chosen from very wealthy, Harvard-educated and indoctrinated families with ties to former presidents. The only way in which a President can now be elected is by either (a) Raising billions of dollars for a stupidly expensive and extravagant campaign, or (b) voter fraud, which has been made even easier and less traceable with the advent of electronic/computerized vote counting machines. There is no room for third party candidates, and the two main parties (Republicans and Democrats) strive to ensure that any wet-behind-the-ears third-party candidate knows his or her place.

As you can see, our traditionally Western values of kindness and compassion have been turned on their heads, "twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools" as Kipling would have said. Our nation's leaders have yet to take violent action en-masse against American patriots, because they have to keep up the facade of caring about our welfare for as long as possible. In Stalinist Russia and the Soviet Union and elsewhere in the world, due process was/is virtually nonexistent. They had no compunction regarding the use of the stick vs. the carrot. Here, we have been fooled into thinking we are safe because we have a strong federal government and a standing army, when in reality these things are a double-edged sword. They cut both ways. They can be used against the people as easily as they can to protect us.

Till now, use of the cudgel, the knife in the dark, poison in the well, and other such means of control have been used very subtly and seldom in our precious Land of the Free. Now we have seen how our desire for safety has been overmuch compared to our desire to retain our freedoms. Nationalist sentiment is very strong amongst our military men and women, and they are no longer required to read or understand the Constitution they are meant to abide by. Even our local Police no longer resemble the "peace officers" of yesteryear. They have M4s in their squad cars and riot shotguns and stun grenades and they wear black BDUs and train in ways to control riots, as though our concerns and grievances are nothing to them. They come out of their basic training and schooling with an "Academy Mentality"; that is to say, that they believe that anyone who does not belong to the police or military, or anyone who does not have family in such positions, are the scum of the earth, to be treated as if they have no rights. Due process is rapidly becoming a thing to be decided by the officer who apprehends/bullies you. A discretionary matter, only. And God forbid you stand up for yourself and speak out against or embarrass an LEO due to a violation of your rights. Can't have that now, can we?

It is now a criminal offense to film police (no matter what they are doing), or even to take photos of bridges, abutments, subways, tunnels, large landmarks or buildings, especially government property. That's right, if you are an Architecture or Engineering student and you get caught taking a photo of the NYC subways, you are almost certain to be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

Our nation has become one ruled by an electorate elite and funded by multinational corporations who get huge tax breaks. Gone is the heyday of the small business owner. Mom and Pop stores are dropping like moths on a bug-zapper light. Unemployment, accordingly, is rising to an astronomically asinine level. Soon half our workforce will be unemployed, perhaps permanently. Soon, the only existing small businesses will be shady affairs that avoid taxes and operate only at night, or in basements, for fear of being shut down by the Fed.

In conclusion, I'd like to say that we are officially as screwed as an overtightened light bulb.

Thus, turning this nation around without violent action will be nigh-impossible. It was up to our distant ancestors to found this nation, raising it out of ignominy and subjugation by themselves becoming domestic terrorists. It is now up to us to throw off the shackles of Federal tyranny and do whatever we must to tar and feather those who have mistreated us for so long.
Only by being equally as sneaky and violent as our oppressors may we find peace through adversity. 

I fear that much blood will be shed before this mess is resolved.

Semper Vigilans,

Friday, February 24, 2012

My girl...from Hungary!



Trek's Fourth Homemade Pipe