Browncoats Unite!

Browncoats Unite!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Over the last few days I indulged my inner Norksie and created this Tafl board:

I kinda screwed up on the dice cups. I shoulda used a butt joint or cobbler's stitch but instead I did something...different. LMAO. I never followed directions very well:o

The leather is 8-10 oz vegtanned tooling belly. Both the board and the cups have been given a *very* small amount of neatsfoot oil to darken them a bit, as I am out of leather antiquer paste dye.

The attackers are made from small discs of Norway Maple from our yard (fitting, I think:)), and the defenders are small bits of kwila wood (scrap from projects). The King also is of kwila, but he has an antler dunce cap/crown.

The whole thing rolls up, ties, one end is capped with one of the dice cups, the game pieces are dropped down inside, and the other end is then capped.

Voila! Portable Tafl board.

The pattern on the game board was put together by Eric Methven. Much thanks, Eric!

Now the tough learn to play it!:D



Le Loup said...

Excellent, just the thing for carrying in the pack. I would love to know if this was ever done in the 17th-18thc.

Brigid said...


Anonymous said...

Nice job.