Browncoats Unite!

Browncoats Unite!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

DIY Custom Ferro Rod Handle w/Natural Materials

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Thought I'd put up a tutorial on making a ferro rod handle, out of bone.

I apologize for the crappy pics, ahead of time. My camera wasn't adjusted right...and I was in a hurry.

OK, here we go:

Select a hunk of bone, antler, wood etc. This time I used fossilized Walrus Jaw. It was a b*tch to drill. Probably took me 15-20min/hole:

And pick your size of rod. I chose to use the largest size I'd bought (3/8") cause I figger if I'm gonna use nice material, might as well use a rod that will last.



Drill with various sizes of bits. A drill press would be magical. But I don't have any more pixie dust to make any more power tools:

Adhesive/glue. I use either 2-ton epoxy or superglue. Really doesn't matter, esp. if you pin it. I would have pinned it, but you'll see why I didn't in a moment.

Now you've got your shape roughed out and drilled out.

Now take your rod and rough up the end, give it lots of little scratches and grooves with a file. Go easy, this can produce showers of 5000 deg sparks. LMAO...

I didn't show a pic of the step in between where I drilled the lanyard hole, mainly because I was cussing up a storm (mentally at least) due to the fact that it was taking me forever to drill through less than an inch of bone. Keep in mind that this is FOSSILIZED bone. And as you can see, it is basically stone...and chips like stone, if you're not careful. I will fill in that gap later on with superglue...

Cut off your ends of your tubing with a dremel or a hacksaw, and file them flush. Then, chamfer them using an old worn out phillips head screwdriver or a dremel:

Now shape it some more with your halfround rasp. This is the point at which you really make an effort to make it all ergonomic-like:

Now, sand it to 1500 grit in steps, using your dremel with rough sanding drum or 100 grit sandpaper, and then 320, and so on and so forth. I just skipped from 320 grit to 1500 cause I don't have any grits in between right now...either way is fine as long as you smooth it out:

Now put it in your seasoning potion (50/50 Linseed Oil and Turps) to cure:

And wait a week or two. Then, take it out, let it air-cure for a few days to a week, and then buff with beeswax, and wa-la! You dun made yourself a nice custom firesteel


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