Browncoats Unite!

Browncoats Unite!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

18th Century Woolen Hunting Shirt...

This Christmas season I ran out of projects (other than gifting) for myself to do.
I had seen several posts on BCUSA telling of how the guys made their own wool shirts and capotes from old woolen army blankets. I thought, "how cool that would be if I could do that."
Now you have to understand, I am no seamstress. I can hardly sew a straight line. The only thing I am even passable at is the whipstitch, which, it turned out, I used quite a bit in this project anyhow.

I hoomed and hommed and figured that since my Italian blanket that I'd been using on my bed was so ratty to begin with, I might as well turn it into a shirt. I looked at various ways of making woolen hunting shirts and finally just buckled down and watched Dave Canterbury's video on making a woolen 18th century hunting shirt. As it turned out he had to improvise quite a bit on his seeing as he made his way too big to fit him. And as it turned out, mine turned out huge too.
But, after hemming and washing and drying, I have come to realize that the best way to wear one of these things is wth a heavy leather belt around your waist--blousing it, as G1 states, "to hide your hardware."

This is (roughly) what the blanket looked like before cutting on it (pic courtesy of CTD):

And this is what it looked like after roughing out:

And this is the final finished release, with sewn buttonholes (stoopid grommet failure), paracord lacing, an antler slide button and hemmed seams:

Thanks to all who gave advice on making this type of shirt. Dave Canterbury, SGT. Mac, FrauHilda, G1, Bushbumming, OldSarge, BST, and all the other guys who have experimented with wool in the past and who offered helpful hints!:)

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Anonymous said...

Nicely done sir! I thought of making one myself, but couldn't part with the wool blanket - especially after it took me so long to get rid of the mothball smell.