Browncoats Unite!

Browncoats Unite!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nother Project Axe...

Today I picked up a decent (e.g. not cross grained garbage) handle from ACE and two wedge/bit sets.
It took me at least two hours this evening
I suppose it might not have been sized right for the weight of head...the handle was a "Link" brand "Boy's Axe 28"" and it came with a wooden wedge but the steel one had fallen out of the tape wrap.

I had hesitated on this project, debating whether the head was worth the effort. The toe is pretty effed up and worn down, and the poll is mushroomed. Ultimately I decided to try it anyway. I figure even if it is not in best condition, it is certainly good enough to use.

Rehafted and with a superglue-soaked paracord wrap to cover the remaining split near the shoulder:

I did that mainly to reinforce it as I had removed quite a bit of wood near the shoulder and wanted it to last.


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ifthisbeterror -- a Revolution of One said...

In restoring an axe in similar condition--though admittedly of larger size--I resorted to grinding and filing to fix damage to the metal of the head itself. So far, so good. I'm ready to re-handle the axe, now.