Browncoats Unite!

Browncoats Unite!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Survival/Fire Lanyard Tutorial...

(Cross-Posted from BCUSA. Original post found HERE).

I hope this turns out all right and is easily understandable. I did my best to shoot photos that were legible and clearly visible as to what I was doing.
Please also understand that this is just the way I did it, there are other ways to do it depending on braid and personal preference. For example, you don't HAVE to coat and tape the rod separately. I just chose to. And if you were doing a square braid, the stitch wouldn't be crossed over at an angle, but crossed straight over, right and left. YMMV, IMO, etc.

The materials and setup:

Kinda like rolling a cigarette...I did it this way to keep the initial wrap as thin as possible.

Ends pinched off and then I trim them...

Blade/striker oriented in place:

Blade/Striker taped to the rod...I usually tape the edged/pointed end pretty heavily compared to the rounded end:

Commencing the Braid:

Showing first stitch done (this is a round lanyard BTW):

Showing bottom (loop) side of first stitch:

Showing braiding procedure:

Remove hemostats, widen/lengthen loop and tighten bottom of braid using scissors/marlinspike:

Showing bottom of braid tightened (you don't have to do this, I just do for aesthetics' sake):

Third Stitch done:

Time to thrust the rod in (all puns/double entendres aside, this is what you do...go big or go home):

And continue to braid "around" the rod till you're finished. When you end you can either end by enclosing the top by doing the same and cut and fuse the ends, or you can make a "crown" or "lanyard" knot such as I will be showing in a video in another thread.


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