Browncoats Unite!

Browncoats Unite!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sachets/Tiny Envelopes DIY...

Sachets/Tiny Envelopes DIY...
(Cross-Posted from BCUSA):

Have you ever wanted to store a *small* amount of something somewhere but didn't need/couldn't find a plastic baggie small enough to accomodate your needs?
Here's something for you to do on rainy days...they're great for storing herbs/pills/seeds and anything small you can think of.

In this case I wanted to store a *small* amount (think 25 rounds) of .177 caliber pellets. In the process of shimming the ever-loose grips on my new pellet pistol I noticed something very interesting. It seems as if Crosman purposefully designed the right hand grip to have a deeper cavity underneath, within the frame. Whether this is true or not, I decided to make good use of it. So I made an envelope, like so:

You can either staple or glue the edges together. I chose to staple em but whatever sinks your ship...glue would be prettier;)

And there we go, right inside and no one's the wiser. In the event that I really needed em and didn't have a tool I'd need to have some sort of screwdriver-shaped rock or perhaps cut/break a stick into a wedge. But now I know I have "holdout ammo" should I ever need it.

I suppose this would fall into the "housewife kit" category of shrafting!

Hope you found this helpful,

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