Browncoats Unite!

Browncoats Unite!

Friday, July 10, 2009

NEW IMPROVED .22cal ammo storage pouches...

NEW IMPROVED .22cal ammo storage pouches...
(Cross-Posted from BCUSA).

Hey all,
Tonight I cut up a large briefcase for the leather which I intended to add to my small stock of leatherworking supplies. I discovered, to my chagrin, that it was not leather, rather, it was a very realistic-looking, leatherlike form of vinyl. Rather than stomp around and smash random objects (or people) in my rage and disappointment, I decided to use this new, beautiful on one side and fugly on the other material for a productive purpose. I sat and pondered this dilemma for a bit. "What," I thought, "What could be the benefits of vinyl? It's so damnably ugly."

Then it struck me. Vinyl, being plastic, is inherently hydrophobic, meaning it hates or shuns water. "Ah!" I thought. "This is precisely the material I have been looking for."
For you see, ever since I posted the .22 ammo storage thread, I have been wondering about materials which would not retain extreme amounts of moisture, yet would be appealing to the eye.

I give you...the pouch of the future!

I discovered, however, that this new wonder material does not stay closed very well. So I added a cordlock to snug it tight:

And we're in business!:)

What do you think?
Comments, criticisms, and shouts of "you're out of your frigging mind" are all very welcome.

PS--ETA More Fotos!:

These last three hold only 25rnds each as compared to the first one, which holds 50 (a box).

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