Browncoats Unite!

Browncoats Unite!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Stock Up (H.R. 2640)...

Bush of all people signed a bill promoting Brady Bill-like destruction of our Constitutional rights.
One by one more bills are being signed under the table (such as this one) in an attempt to regulate and ultimately prevent arms sales to honest citizens like you and I.


Call your local representatives and tell them to get their asses together or face a wave of destruction. There is a time and place for rebellion and we're getting awfully close to it.
Remember that there is nothing "wrong" or "illegal" about rebellion against dictatorial and draconian policies. In fact, rebellion in its proper context is an honorable way of life.

When the SHTF, we will all be splattered to one degree or another. Be sure you are well armed and are prepared to fight for your rights. Purchase your guns under the table if possible to avoid trackbacks. Do you really believe that *they* don't keep a registry? Those of us who are privy to certain information are all the warier when it comes to violations of Natural Law.

Give 'em Blood and Vinegar.
Never give in.

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