Browncoats Unite!

Browncoats Unite!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mora Review...

Below is my video review of Erik Frost Mora of Sweden's Triflex Carbon Clipper mora knife.
Hope you find it informative.



Christine P. said...

Nice review, but I don't understand why just about everyone feels the need to bash the sheath in the same breath that they talk about how inexpensive the knives are.

Yeah, the sheath is the absolute minimum needed to keep the knife safe from damage and the user safe from the super-sharp edge, but I would imagine that's one of the things that keeps the price so low on these knives--that and the partial and/or rat-tail tangs and cheap, but sturdy handle material. Look what it took for Noss4 to break the handle on the Mora he destroyed.

Imagine how much these knives would cost if they shipped with kydex or leather sheaths. In any case, the cheap sheaths and handles do inspire some to make their own, and that's certainly not a bad thing. :)

Berserker said...

I agree, I was merely pointing out how I'd need to make a new one or mod it to my liking.
Check out the other posts on that Mora.
I've since traded it away, but I'll always remember it fondly:)