Browncoats Unite!

Browncoats Unite!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Made a net...

Just made my first net the other night, it's kinda cool except for the fact that the bottom edge is sort of ragged, perhaps I'll make another:)

Nets like this can be used to trap birds and small animals, especially when weighted or rigged to a snare device. This one's made of 550 cord with the guts still in. All I did was tie long, doubled-up strands perpendicular to the top strand utilizing lark's head knots, and tying opposing strands together from side to side in simple overhand knots.
What do you think?


Mungo Says Bah! said...

Very nice! Can you share the pattern, or technique that you used?



Shy Wolf said...

Suh-weeeeeet, Mon! Nice to have nets around- small game, fish, men (lol).
Perhaps some sticks on the ragged edge and you could use it in a sweeping fashion, kinda like we do when netting fish?
How large a mesh is it? If it's less than 2" it may be suitable for large fish like suckers/carp.

Berserker said...

Well, I gave it to a friend for Christmas.
But what I did was I strung a long piece of cord up between the bedposts, made some doubled-up pieces, and attached them at intervals to the main top cord using the lark's head knot. However this tends to slide so therefore I don't think I'm going to do that again, perhaps I'll use a different knot for the ends.
But for the individual knots (in the middle of the mesh) I just used overhand knots.
I basically just moved back and forth, and whenever I reached one end of of the net I'd knot the outside cord to the inner one down farther.
This would be a sort of rectangular net:)

Berserker said...

Shy Wolf,
IIRC it was about 2-3" in the mesh. So yes it probably would work for fish but they'd have to be mighty big critters! I intended it as a small game net though.