Browncoats Unite!

Browncoats Unite!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

BOB (Bugout Bag)...

This is my current bugout bag that I keep in my room at college. In addition to the standard longer-term supplies (lots of batteries, some food, etc) it also contains much of my camping gear, so whenever some friends and I camp out during breaks I just sort through it and take what I need, and leave the rest packed up.

The bag is one I got from Cabelas a few years back, a German Military Mountain Rucksack...very handy if you only need a small pack. It's really very decent, though I don't particularly like the shortness of the padded portion of the straps--which of course is why I pimped it

Some pics:

When I was adding webbing to make it more comfy:

Looks crappy but feels much better on the shoulders now.

Loaded up:

I have a pretty-well-preserved 1961-era Field Pack that I found at the Giant Church Yard Sale at home with some stuff in it for the parents:

And also a couple of others that could double as a Go bag in a pinch.

My favorite smallish bag is either my Maratac Bailout Bag:

Or perhaps an Eagle Active Shooter bag that I use for a med kit, got it on the cheap (this is a pic of the cordwrap I did on it):

Someday I hope to have either a TADGear, Kifaru, Eagle, or maybe one of those original frameless rucks, I've heard they're REALLY comfy...but a bit on the expensive side.

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